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My Writer/Director Reel

Kris Braughn (2017)

A mockumentary about Chris Brown superfan, Kris Braughn, and his quest to create a shot-for-shot music video of the 2005 classic, "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" for Chris Brown's birthday.

Leo Lumpkins (2017)

Leo, a shy college student, and his online-gamer roomate, dive out of their comfy dorms on a wacky search for Leo's dream girl!

Saint Avocat (2016)

Artsy bullsh*t

FLY (2016)

A heroic vigilante is the role model for two young boys, whose moral codes, and destinies, separate as they grow older.

Employees Must Wash Hands(2014)

A despondent young man finds guidance in the men's room.
*Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award, NYU-Tisch 2014*