Young Kahlil

Kahlil is a writer, rapper, and author from New Jersey who loves the New York Knicks. That’s him in a nutshell—except he’s allergic to nuts. He was raised in a diverse town called Edison, surrounded by residents whose bottled up uneasiness about the influx of brown people turned them into Trump supporters 25 years later. Kahlil is the product of an Indian father and a Puerto Rican mother, who met on vacation in a love-at-first-sight Bollywood-style scenario.

Being the child of a businessman and a computer systems analyst, Kahlil naturally gravitated toward the complete opposite of that: creativity. Whether it was making songs about poop with his cousins in Puerto Rico (which they still do), forcing his family in India to repeatedly act out his theatrical version of 3 Little Pigs, turning his left and right hand into an action/comedy duo, or playing “Survivor” with bathtub toys, storytelling has always been Kahlil’s passion. (By the way, if you’re curious who won bathtub-toy “Survivor,” it was a little pink and green shovel).

Since graduating from NYU in 2015, his pilot, “REVENGE TOUR,” directed by creative partner Andrew Carter, has won awards at the LA Film Festival, SXSW, and was invited to the Sundance New Voices Lab. Kahlil and Andrew are repped by Gersh and live in LA.